Thomas Wilk

This is an image of Thomas Wilk, Performance Improvement Officer

President of Performance Technology

I have over 20 years experience as a leader in many business sectors including Corporate, Government, Contracting, and Higher Education.

Currently I am an IT Manager at Carnegie Mellon University at the School of Computer Science. I lead several teams including Help Desk, PC Engineering, and Systems Administrators in Linux, Mac, and Windows.

My specialty the past 5 years is working with employees whose performance was struggling under other managers. I have been successful in turning their performance and careers around almost 100% of the time.

About Me


My Experience

 With over 20 years in management and leadership, I decided to alter my direction. Now, I want to share my passion and experience about leadership and performance management to help others create successful teams. My process is designed to train your management team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to me today about how I can help put your team on a solid track to success. 


My Approach

I offer several different options to help your team explore different methods, processes and tools to help them build better teams.

  • Presentations - This covers the basics in helping managers understand Performance Management and ways they can help their team.
  • Workshops - This allows me to not only show managers the methods, processes, and tools but provides the opportunity for them to gain hands on experience as well as more Q&A consulting.
  • Consultations - This provides your company, department, or individual managers develop personalized solutions to help struggling employees improve.


Why Me?

 I have been in the leadership business for over twenty years spending the last ten focusing on performance management. During this time I have developed methods that I have successfully used with my own teams to turn struggling employees into successful and productive team players. I want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, call me today. Together I am confident we can help train you and your team to be better at performance management. No one needs to vote bad employees off their island. You just need better tools to help them be the best they can.